Saturday, 16 November 2013

Abba Magazine #39

Abba Magazine number 39 was published in September 1981 - not a huge amount of actual news appeared in this issue although there is a mention of the 12" version of "Lay All Your Love On Me" doing well in the UK charts during August.

The first main article covers the work of the CBS Press Relations department and the work they did to keep ABBA in the press as well as holding screening events for TV specials and ensuring that pre-release copies of new albums were made available for review.

There is then a section on a "Poster Art Competition" which the magazine had run showing the winning entries - having had a look at these there were quite a few which were linked to "The Winner Takes It All" video - see an example below.

The magazine was also running a special offer featuring an ABBA clock and a picture plaque - both of which could be purchased in the UK for £26.50 which seems fairly expensive now never mind in 1981.

Of special interest to me was a full page advert for "Adrians" record store - back in the 80's I used to order records from them and I can remember buying "Dame! Dame! Dame" as well as some imports from Japan. As this advert reminded me of them I have just checked on-line and they are still around ( and still have a good stock of ABBA items for sale.

As usual the magazine had some new pictures of the group including the one below which I think was from the TV special they had just filmed.


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