Sunday, 31 May 2015

Abba Date - 1st June 1992

On the 1st June 1992 Erasure released their "Abba-esque" EP in the UK - one week later the single was at the number 1 spot where it remained for 5 weeks eventually being replaced by Jimmy Nail's "Ain't No Doubt".

In the UK the single was the 6th biggest selling single of the year ; it was also a big hit in Europe reaching number 1 in Austria, Finland, Ireland and Sweden.

Chart positions from other countries are shown below -

  • Number 2 - Germany
  • Number 3 - Switzerland
  • Number 4 - Belgium, Netherlands
  • Number 13 - Australia
  • Number 38 - Canada

The record also kick started the Abba revival in the UK - by September "Abba Gold" was number 1 in the album chart.

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