Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Abba Magazine 36

Issue 36 of the Abba Magazine was published in June 1981 and opens by mentioning the Dick Cavett TV special which was scheduled to be shown in the Autumn of that year. The magazine then goes on to discuss the Hockey World Championships which were being held in Gothenburgh for which Bjorn and Benny wrote some music.

The first main article in the magazine details a visit to London by Gorel and Anders Hanser. At the time Gorel was the vice-president of Polar and was in the UK to oversea the arrangements for the filming of the Dick Cavett TV special.

Gorel's husband Anders was the photographer who took many pictures of ABBA including a number of those which were included in the magazine indeed it was his photos which were used for the "On And On And On" video.

There is also an article on a singer from Norway called Finn who's album "Wake Up To Love" was produced by Benny. The piece also says that Finn represented Norway in the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with a song called "Here In My Heart".

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