Thursday, 23 February 2017

Hazell Dean Interview - Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with Hazell Dean who's album of Abba tracks "Re:Visited" is released in the today...

The closing track from Abba's "Super Trouper" album "The Way Old Friends Do" was included on last years CD single however it's not included on the new album - are there other Abba tracks which you have recorded which may see the light of day at some time ?

No, there are no other ABBA covers lurking in the archive. “They Way Old Friends Do” was part of the Christmas release along with “Happy New Year”. The sentiment of both songs fit so well together.

I wanted to Include “The Way Old Friends Do” in memory of a lovely friend who died following a very tough fight with breast cancer in 2016. It was dedicated to Jayne, her mother and her daughter from all the friends who mourn her. It was special for Christmas 2016.

Back in 70's and early 80's were you a fan of Abba and if so what were your favourite singles ?

Everyone loves ABBA don’t they? Of course I was a fan. I sang ABBA songs in big bands long before becoming a successful solo recording artist, so they are part of my history. “The Winner Takes It All” has to be my favourite.

Your first big hit in the UK was "Searching (I Gotta Find A Man)" which reached number 6 in 1984 by which time Abba were over - did you ever meet any of the group whilst they were promoting any of their solo work or musicals ?

Sadly no. I have never met any of ABBA, so if anyone would like to introduce me, I would be very happy….. and a little starstruck!

Were there any of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman produced singles which you had wished at the time had been given to you to record ?

My favourite SAW track always was and always will be Donna Summer’s “This Time I Know Its For Real”. Oh how I wish it were mine.

If you could arrange for Abba to cover one of your own tracks which one would it be and why ?

“Nightlife” the title track of my album “NIGHTLIFE”. I can imagine them doing it with a “Summer Night City” feel. Plus they would sell millions of copies and I could retire! LOL

If you were to record an album based on another artist who do you think it would be ?

Ahh, I can’t answer that one as its never gonna happen, this is my first and last album of another artists work. There is only one ABBA!

I would like to thank Hazell and her management for agreeing to the interview - for more information please visit Hazell's website - the album "Re:Visited" is released today and you order it from Energise Records at

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