Monday, 22 February 2016

Collection Update - "Profiles In Gold" EP

The picture below shows an eight track 7" EP titled "Profiles In Gold" from my collection - it includes "Waterloo" and "Fernando" by Abba and from what I can tell it was some sort of promotional item issued by Coca-Cola and Burger King in 1978 in America. The full track list is as follows -

Side 1
  • Abba - "Fernando"
  • Abba - "Waterloo"
  • The Spinners - "I'll Be Around"
  • The Spinners - "One Of A Kind (Love Affair)"
Side 2
  • Firefall - "You Are The Woman"
  • Firefall - "Just Remember I Love You"
  • Dan And John Ford Coley - "Gone Too Far"
  • Dan And John Ford Coley - "We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again"

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