Sunday, 19 April 2015

Agnetha Fan Club Magazine #10

Issue 10 of the Agnetha Fan Club magazine was published during February 1986 and included the following content -

  • News that Abba had recently appeared together for a "This Is Your Life" style TV show for Stig where they performed "Tivedshambo"
  • Details of the "Gemini" album that had recently been released which included seven tracks written by Bjorn and Benny including "Slowly" and "Just Like That"
  • An interesting article over four pages titled "Agnetha - In Her Own Write !" which covers Agnetha's song writing from 1968 to her post-Abba solo albums
  • Details of how the Fan Club members could contribute to a "Birthday Book" which was being created for Agnetha

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