Thursday, 12 March 2015

Frida International Issue 18

Issue 18 of the Frida International Fanzine was published during Christmas 1985 and included the following -

  • A note that the next issue would include an Abba page as the group would be getting together to record their next album and that a track "The Wild Heart" had already been recorded.
  • Questions answered by Frida while she was in Finland to promote her "Shine" album - one of the questions was whether she missed the Abba years to which she replied "I don't look backwards. I live one day at a time. With Abba I got all the success I dreamt about as a child. It was a wonderful time and it makes me feel nostalgic, but I would not like to get them back".
  • In one section the editor tells the story of a meeting with Frida in London during October - at one point Frida was asked if she would release "Twist In The Dark" in the UK to which she replied that she was not planning to release any more records in Britain due to the way Epic had treated her.
  • A two page transcript of the documentary which was filmed whilst Frida was recording the "Somethings Going On" album with Phil Collins. This included a discussion between Frida and Phil when they first met where Frida mentioned that she liked Pat Benatar and that was the sound she was after for her album.
  • The magazine also included a section with readers letters, pen pals and merchandise offers for a Frida sweatshirt and 1986 calendar.

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