Thursday, 19 March 2015

Agnetha Fan Club Magazine #8

The 8th issue of the Agnetha Fan Club Magaxine was published in December 1985 and included the following -

  • News that "Just One Heart" had been released in the Netherlands and included a six minute remix.
  • An article written by a fan detailing her meetings with all four members of Abba.
  • Another review of "Eyes Of A Woman" where "The Angels Cry" and "Click Track" gained the most positive comments.
  • An "Agnetha Solo" chart which showed the top 20 tracks based on feedback from over 100 readers who had sent in their favourite songs - the top five records in the chart were -
  1. The Angels Cry
  2. One Way Love
  3. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
  4. I Wont Let You Go
  5. Eyes Of A Woman
  • This issue also included the usual features such as pen pals, swaps, readers letters and an Agnetha competition which included as prizes a fan club t-shirt, a poster from "Raskenstam" and a promotional poster for "Tio Ar Med Agnetha".

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