Monday, 9 February 2015

Checkmate Chess Fanzine #3

I recently found issue 3 of "Checkmate" which was a Fanzine dedicated to Chess (although it did include other Abba-related news) which was published in a May 1985. This issue of the magazine included the following -

  • Confirmation that "The Arbiter" would be released as a single in the UK
  • News that "One Night In Bangkok" reached number 5 in America and number 1 in Australia
  • A review of Agnetha's album "Eyes Of A Woman" along with confirmation that a 12" version of "I Wont Let You Go" was released in the UK
  • News from the most recent Eurovision Song Contest which had been held in Gothenburg
  • A review of a Murray Head concert where he was promoting his new album "Restless"


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