Saturday, 10 January 2015

International Abba Magazine #21

The 21st Issue of the International Abba Magazine was published during August 1983 and featured a picture of Frida from her video "Here We'll Stay" on the front cover.

This issue contained two Agnetha articles - this first detailed a meeting between Agnetha and a songwriter called David Clark Allen who wrote the tracks "Shame" and "Stay" included on the "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" album.

The magazine then included a track by track review of Agnetha's album in which the reviewer's favourite tracks were "Stay", "Mr. Persuasion", "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" and "To Love".

The next article featured some pictures from the "UK Abba Disco" which had been held during July in London. This was followed by a continuation of the story behind "Abba The Movie" using stills from the film.

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