Friday, 12 September 2014

International Abba Magazine #5

The fith issue of the International Abba Magazine was published during April 1982 and was billed as an "Agnetha Special".

The editorial section stated that Abba were planning to release a live album later in the year and that Bjorn and Benny were writing three or four songs to be included on the new release.

There was also a mention of Frida's solo album ; recording started in February with a planned release late summer.

The bulk of this issue was taken up with a telephone interview with Agnetha the highlights of which were ;

  • Her favourite track from Abba's last album was "The Visitors" although she enjoyed recording "Slipping Through My Fingers"
  • Discussed filming the video for "One Of Us" in Lasse Hallstrom's flat
  • "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room" had gone through a number of different mixes but Agnetha didn't think that the final version "had been given the right treatment"
  • The Christmas album that she recorded with Linda had sold over 70,000 copies in Sweden
  • Her plans for a solo album (at that point she was looking for a producer)
  • Abba's plans for a live album (as mentioned in the Editorial) - which were based around three or four concerts in Sweden from which the best tracks would be selected for the album



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