Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Abba Calendar - October 2014

For this month in my 2014 Abba Calendar there is a picture of Bjorn and Agnetha looking suitably wrapped up ready for Autumn - I love Agnetha's "ABBA" necklace..


Monday, 29 September 2014

Collection - Agnetha "Cant Shake Loose"

Here is a picture of one of my favourite Agnetha singles in my collection "Can't Shake Loose" which I bought at the time it was released in the UK.

The single only managed to reach number 63 in the UK charts and was a small hit in a few other countries as shown below -

  • Belgium - 22
  • Canada - 26
  • United States - 29
  • France - 42
  • Australia - 76

I found a review of the single in my archive which in common with most Abba-related reviews at the time in the UK is pretty negative due to the group being seen as "un-cool" -

Here are a few pictures of the single from around the world....


Abba Live At Wembley Vinyl Version

Here are a few pictures of the vinyl version of "Abba Live At Wembley Arena" which was released today...


Abba Live At Wembley Arena CD

I have just received my copy of "Abba Live At Wembley Arena" on CD - as with the recent Deluxe editions it is packaged very well with lots of pictures of the group from the time.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Collection Review - Frida 7" Single And Review

Here are some pictures of the UK version of Frida's "Here We'll Stay" single from my collection. The single (probably to do with a lack of promotion from Epic) only managed to reach number 100 in the UK singles chart.

The only other country I can find where the single did any better was France where it reached number 34.

I also found this review of the single from my archive which is sort of non-committal ; not really positive or negative..


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Archive - Abba Special Magazine

Here are some pictures from a magazine titled "Abba Special" which based on the content must have been published around late 1977 / early 1978.
Having just re-read the articles in the magazine I am not 100% sure on some of information - for example - "in their native Sweden their singles are only allowed to stay at the head of the national charts for 10 weeks"...
Of course the best thing about this magazine (and its follow up "Abba Special 2" which I will post soon) are the big glossy picture of the group.

Loving Lstening To "I'm Still Alive"...

Mojo Magazine Attends "Abba Live At Wembley" Preview

In this months issue of Mojo in the UK there is an article covering the playback of "Abba Live At Wembley" which Benny hosted in Stockholm.