Friday, 25 July 2014

Abba Magazine #30

The 30th edition of the Abba Magazine was published during December 1980 and included the "Super Trouper" album image on the front cover. The editorial started with the news that Abba had recorded a video for their next single "Happy New Year" in English and Spanish together with a Spanish video for "Andante Andante".

The first main article tells the story of how the original plan to film the video for "Super Trouper" around Piccadilly Circus in London at 3am on a Sunday morning was halted due to a law stating that no outside entertainers or animals were allowed within a three mile radius of Charing Cross.

The second major article was a continuation of an interview with Bjorn for Capitol Radio from earlier in 1980. In the interview Bjorn discussed the groups struggle to loose the Eurovision one-hit wonder tag, their work in the studio and how he kept up to date with current music from America and the UK.

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