Friday, 18 July 2014

Abba Magazine #29

Issue number 29 of the Abba magazine was published in November 1980 and included a picture from "The Winner Takes It All" video shoot on the front cover with a picture of Frida from the 1979 tour on the back.

The magazine contained two main articles, the first being an interview with Bjorn recorded earlier in the year at Heathrow Airport for London's Capitol Radio. During the interview Bjorn discussed his musical influences (the Beatles) and how he loved the diversity of music in the British charts.

The second major piece in the magazine is an interview with Judd Lander who as Epic's label manager was responsible for ensuring that Abba's music (along with Shakin' Stevens and Michael Jackson who he also looked after) gained as much exposure on Radio and TV as possible.

In the interview he told of the practical jokes between in him the group, that he played one of the instruments on Mike Oldfield's version of "Arrival" and how he introduced Benny and Frida to Paul McCartney.

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