Friday, 13 June 2014

Abba Magazine #4

The 4th issue of the official Abba Magazine was published in 1978 and featured a picture of the group in Brighton during 1974 on the front cover. The first major article detailed the groups plans to visit the US during May including their appearance on a TV show with Olivia Newton-John.

The magazine then had updates from each member of the group ; Agnetha confirmed that their next single would be "Eagle", Bjorn said the the group had just returned from the premier of "Abba The Movie" in Paris, Benny mentioned that he had taken up tennis and finally Frida talked about the new costumes which were being made for the group.

The last main article was an interview with Bjorn titled "Off The Cuff" where he answered various questions including what pop music he was currently listening too (Saturday Night Fever, Eagles, Rod Stewart) and that he was looking forward to seeing "Close Encounters" at the Cinema.


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