Wednesday, 28 August 2013

ABBA Museum - Part 2

Second blog covering my visit to the ABBA Museum last weekend. The picture below is a re-creation of Stig's office...

The next display was based on ABBA's recording studios - in the background the video for "Gimme Gimme Gimme" which was filmed in the actual studio.
Opposite the recording studio was the famous hut on Viggso where Bjorn and Benny wrote many of ABBA's hits.
In the section which covered ABBA across the world a dressing room display was set-up showing where Agnetha and Frida would prepare before going on stage.
The picture below shows a re-creation of the room where ABBA's costumes were created and included a video of some of the famous outfits.
The last picture was of a re-creation of Agnetha's kitchen (after her divorce from Bjorn) - I thought this one was a little odd however when listening to the commentary from Bjorn he said he took the picture (which you can see through the window) of his daughter leaving for school.

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