Friday, 26 July 2013

ABBA Magazine Number 32

Another look back at one of the ABBA Magazines - this time issue number 32 which was published in February 1981 and has a stunning picture of Agnetha on the cover from the Super Trouper photo shoots.

The initial news section ponders what single ABBA were planning to release after "Super Trouper" - in issue 30 they had predicted it would be "Happy New Year" however in this issue they were betting on "On And On And On" - of course in most countries this turned out to be "Lay All Your Love On Me".

The first main article discusses the plan which ABBA had in place for December 1980 where they were due to visit France, Germany and the UK to record various Christmas specials to promote the "Super Trouper" album. Due to a security threat these visits were cancelled at the last minute and instead a German film crew flew to Sweden to film ABBA's appearance on "Show Express" where they recorded six songs including "The Winner Takes It All", "Super Trouper" and "Me And I".

The magazine then goes on to document on a number of reports where individuals have been selling record company promotional singles at inflated prices - although as this was 1981 the writer expressed concern that no ABBA fan would pay £11 for a single.

The next article then provides a track by track review of the "Super Trouper" album which had been released a few months earlier. The review concludes that "On And On And On" is the catchiest song but that overall the album is much more low-key than "Voulez-Vous" with a focus on ballads.

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