Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ABBA Date - 16th April 1977

On the 16th April 1977 ABBA's latest album "Arrival" hit the number 1 spot in the UK album charts where it stayed for 9 weeks. The album was the biggest selling album of the year in the UK and the 11th biggest selling album of the 70's.

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  1. Alan - Arrival was No.1 for 10 Weeks in 1977. It had
    already been No.1 for 1 Week in January 1977, & it returned to No.1 for 9 more Weeks later that Year. It was not the UK's 11th Best Selling Album of the 1970's. It was 7th. The List that has it at No.11 also has Greatest Hits at No.6. But that List is not a true 1970's List. That List adds in the Sales of 1970's Albums that carried on selling into the 1980's & even later. There was a true Top 100 List of the UK's Best Selling Albums - covering 1970 to 1979 only.
    In that List Greatest Hits was 2nd for the Decade, Arrival was 7th, The Album was 20th, Voulez-Vous was 55th & Greatest Hits Vol.2 was 67th. That Album would have been about 18th for the Decade if all of its Sales had been in 1979. By the end of 1979 it was the UK's 8th Best Seller of the Year, but it also sold very well in 1980 & it was the 17th Best Seller of that Year - as well as 126th for 1981. The UK's 1970's Top 100 Albums List cut off on December 8th 1979. So it was missing the final 3 Weeks Sales of that Year. Greatest Hits Vol.2 would have been 3rd for 1979 had the Sales for the final 3 Weeks of the Year had been added in.